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IVF Vs the one



There's a lot more of this story to tell about the road for single women embarking on motherhood, and we'd love your help to do it.

We're looking for women from all over the country, from all cultural backgrounds and with a variety of reasons for choosing this courageous path for yourselves.

At any stage of this journey, whether you're starting out with fertility clinics, have found a friend willing to donate sperm, have fallen pregnant, or have your little (or not so little) one already, we'd love to chat.

If you'd just like to share your story, without appearing in the film, that's ok too. 

Please contact Esther on 0413 403 351 or email livingart@gmail.com

Have a beautiful day x 

IVF vs the one


Screen Australia and With Her In Mind Network selected 6 filmmakers to create a social media-friendly documentary designed to make the viewer ‘do a 180’ on a topic relevant to Australian women, in 180 seconds. One of Quietly Wild Films' very own producers, Jasmine Richwol, was selected as part of the Doco180 Initiative and together we created IVF Vs THE ONE.

This short, moving documentary aimed to capture the hardship that some women face deciding how to move forward with their lives, when both the desire to find true love and to start the journey of motherhood feel equally pressing. 

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Jasmine Richwol - Grant Recipient/Producer

Esther Justin - Director

Josh Cable - Director of Photography

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Quietly wild films


Based out of Melbourne, Quietly Wild Films is passionate about empowering people through visual storytelling. Our production company is dedicated to telling intimate stories through unique documentary video portraits. Moving, compelling, insightful, personal, real and raw films are produced by our experienced team of filmmakers, journalists and digital content producers. We are excited about the work we are doing and are always on the look out for new creative collaborations, whether its about you or for you.


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